My name is Nana Bee, a Taiwan-born Chinese novelist with 29 books published so far. The 30th novel has been just released internationally. And the 31th novel is ongoing!

Here is my official web site that represents my understanding of the culture and arts.

Most stories I wrote were talking about urban emotion, the affection, passion, girls and boys…….. I have to admit those story lines were coming from my observation of people circling around me. I wrote them in the fashion of contemporary Chinese literature. It was really a great experience to write and tell stories.

I also write scripts for movie and TV series . Sometime I got interviewed at the TV station. It’s also a wonder experience to talk in front of cameras under spot lights.

I offer some writing related courses in colleges. Recently I join a group of scholars and co-found iNGO Acadmy,  to help people understanding their own potential to society. 

I am working toward a successful curator and producer in the coming years. Let the force be with me.

Here, I would like to share my beloved creations to you whoever want to know more about Chinese and the up-to date culture.You can find my novels in Chinese bookstore everywhere around the world.

So, enjoy the tour and welcome  into my world!

If you want to visit me and would like to know more about schools to study in China. I might be a help for you.