My name is Nana Bee, a Taiwan-born novelist of mandarin . You are welcome to visit my official website that represents my understanding of the culture and arts.

I have finished 30 books and published so far. Most stories I wrote were talking about urban life, affection, passion as well as girls and boys. I have to admit those stories were coming from my observation on people circling around me. I wrote them with the fashion of contemporary literature in modern literature. It was really a great experience to write and tell stories to my readers.

I also write scripts for movie and TV series . Sometime I got interviewed in some  TV shows. It’s also a wonderful experience to express myself in front of cameras under spot lights.

I offer some writing-related courses in colleges. I join a school of creatives and co-found iNGO Group to help young generation developing their own potential creatively.

I also work as a curator with Center of Culture Creative & advertisement in Beijing. It is a PR director in a term to business world.

Here, I would like to share my beloved universe to you whoever want to know more about writing and the up-to-dated culture movement.You can find my novels in Chinese bookstores everywhere around the world. So, please enjoy browsing and participating in my next public presentation!

If  you want to learn spoken Mandarin Chinese as a tool to better communicate in Chinese society, I can help you to meet that dream, too. Contact  me via this form to state the matter.  You may also join as a member here. Thanks for your visit!